Safety Initiatives

Safety Initiatives

Since its founding, Chuki Bus Group has maintained a record of zero fatalities in accidents,
spanning over 22 years.

This achievement stands as evidence of our ongoing dedication to safety management and constitutes a crucial factor in providing our customers with services confidently. The trust earned from this track record will continue to serve as the foundation of the entire group's operations.

However, having a past record does not guarantee a future without incidents. We must never grow complacent with the current state of affairs. As individuals responsible for transporting invaluable lives, we are duty-bound to consistently anticipate, detect, and evade potential hazards.

As part of our dedication, we regularly conduct meetings and engage in activities related to safety management to foster continual improvement in awareness.

Furthermore, we pledge that the entire group will persist in prioritizing the safety and peace of mind of our customers above all else. We hereby vow to unite as one entity, dedicating ourselves to daily efforts, learning, and enhancement, in order to deliver superior service that ensures the safe and comfortable transportation of our passengers to their destinations.

Seven Fundamental Policies to Reduce Accident Incidents and Maintain Zero Fatalities:

  1. Always prioritize the safety of our customers during operations.
  2. Adherence to laws and internal regulations (eliminating drunk driving, driving without a license, and driving without vehicle inspection).
  3. Maintain a state of being able to both transmit and receive necessary information, and strive for information sharing.
  4. Efficiently manage costs and investments related to transportation safety.
  5. Conduct thorough internal audits, and if necessary, corrective and preventive measures.
  6. Enhance employee education, training, management, and communication to cultivate a sense of responsibility as guardians of safety.
  7. Strive for mutual cooperation throughout the group to enhance safety.

Certification under the Chartered Bus Operator Safety Assessment System

Chuki Bus Group has been gradually obtaining certification under the Chartered Bus Operator Safety Assessment System for all group companies since the system's inception in 2011. Chukibus Inc. was the first in the prefecture to receive a three-star rating in 2015. Furthermore, in 2018, group company "Chuki Kanan Taxi Inc." was also promoted to a three-star rating. "Chuki Bus INT'L Inc." currently holds a two-star rating as of 2023.

Chukibus Inc.

Chuki Kanan Taxi Inc.

Chartered Bus Operator Safety Assessment System

This is a system established by the Japan Bus Association to evaluate and certify companies that consistently make unwavering efforts in ensuring safety.

Safety Management System

We enforce a strict awareness of legal compliance among each driver.

Effective communication between management, operation supervisors, and drivers to ensures comprehensive transmission and sharing of information related to transportation safety.

We are committed to eradicating drunk driving by instilling a strong resolve of "never allowing drunk driving, regardless of whether on or off duty" and emphasizing the importance of this commitment.

(Drivers are required to submit a pledge regarding abstaining from alcohol consumption within 8 hours before duty and while staying overnight.)

Enforcement of safety call-outs

We are striving to complete safe transportation by calling out safety checks on every occasion, such as when doors are opened and closed, when starting off, when turning left or right at intersections, when changing lanes, etc., and when checking the interior of the car at each terminal.

Accident Prevention Committee Meetings for enhancement of accident prevention measures

We have equipped all charter buses with digital tachographs and introduced drive recorders in some buses to enhance accident prevention measures and utilize them in driver training. These measures aim to raise awareness among drivers.

Driver Training Implementation

We invite the head of the Traffic Division of Gobo Police Station to conduct accident-related lectures. By listening to firsthand accounts of recent accidents and discussing how accidents could have been prevented, drivers reevaluate their driving practices and raise awareness of traffic safety.

Drivers also share their own near-miss experiences and exchange ideas on what to watch out for in future driving, facilitating the exchange of various safety-related information.

Accident Prevention Consulting by NASVA

To improve the level of operational management and strengthen accident prevention measures, we receive accident prevention support and consulting from NASVA (National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid).

NASVA provides analysis of accident occurrence, proposes accident prevention measures based on the analysis, and verifies the effectiveness of consulting, offering specialized advice to enhance accident prevention efforts.

Accident Prevention Consulting by NASVA
Accident Prevention Consulting by NASVA
Accident Prevention Consulting by NASVA
Accident Prevention Consulting by NASVA

Commendation for Excellent Performance and Accident-Free Teams

Drivers are divided into teams, and an accident-free race is held. During the year, commendations are given to teams that have achieved excellent performance and remained accident-free. By ranking the teams and making safety driving a collective responsibility, awareness of safe driving is enhanced.

Received Commendation for Accident-Free Driving Award from Kinki District Transport Bureau in 2021

Chukibus Inc. was honored with the Director's Commendation from from the head of the Kinki District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on October 13, 2021, for maintaining an accident-free record spanning 27 years and 6 months.

Received Commendation for Accident-Free Driving Award from Kinki District Transport Bureau in 2021

Received Commendation for Accident-Free Driving Award from Kinki District Transport Bureau in 2016.

Chukibus Inc. received the Kinki District Transport Bureau's Accident-Free Driving Award in 2016 for achieving 22 years and 6 months without any driving responsibility accidents, while Chuki Kanan Taxi Inc. received the same award for maintaining a similar record over 6 years and 6 months.

Among the 22 companies in the Kinki region that received awards, only Chukibus Inc. was accident-free for 22 years.

Received Commendation for Accident-Free Driving Award from Kinki District Transport Bureau in 2016.